Like millions of other Americans, I’m a lover of movies and television. Indie film, trash television, instructional shows on PBS, documentaries…I love them all.

But a couple of months ago, I decided to cut the Cox Cable umbilical cord and rely solely on Netflix and Hulu Plus for my television viewing. Since there’s thousands of choices, this works great for me…most of the time. But there’s a lot of crap to wade through in either place, so I’ve decided to start this blog so that I can make recommendations and hopefully help others wade through it too.

So I’m starting this blog as a way of processing my feelings about what I see and how it affects my world view (if it does at all).

So here, you’re likely to see me write about anything from the fact that the Baby Jessica television movie from 1986 is on Netflix (and that I actually watched the WHOLE DAMN THING…more on that later. But hey…Will Oldham from the Palace Brothers was in it! I was shocked!) to my thoughts on whether Josh Radnor from “How I Met Your Mother” is more suited for films or television. (I can’t decide. He’s really a pretty good filmmaker. But he’s also good on television! I guess he can do both.)

So that’s pretty much it. Oh, if you’re wondering about the name of the blog, well…let’s just say it came to me in a dream.




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